Alberta can, and should, be a global energy supplier of choice – generating economic benefits across the province, and minimizing the environmental impacts at home and around the world.

CAPP is calling on all political parties to engage with the oil and natural gas industry to commit to policy solutions and actions that are critical to positioning Alberta as the leading global energy supplier.

At a January 30 press conference, the presidents of five national oil and natural gas industry associations gathered to discuss why voters in Alberta need to think about energy as they head to the polls this spring.

Market Access

Improved market access for both oil sands and conventional oil and natural gas is a key contributor to industry competitiveness. We have an opportunity to supply the world with sustainably produced energy, but first we must find a way to get our resources to the coast for global export.

Regulatory Competitiveness

Alberta has world-leading standards, but is also one of the most complex environmental and regulatory regimes. There is a significant opportunity to enable a more predictable regulatory process; help achieve industry competitiveness while maintaining environmental and regulatory outcomes.

Climate Policy

Climate policy is critical for Alberta’s oil and natural gas industry to be a supplier of choice in order to meet growing global demand for energy. We encourage and support climate policies that are efficient and effective, and take into account cumulative impacts.

Fiscal and Economic Policy

A provincial fiscal framework that is globally competitive, market-driven, encourages innovation, and positions Alberta’s oil and natural gas as the energy investment of choice is critical for the province’s oil and natural gas industry.