The oil and natural gas industry has invested $3.7 Billion in environmental protection, nearly half the total from all Canadian Industries combined.

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Canadians share a set of values that drive the way we do business. We agree that environmental responsibility is important, that the full participation of Indigenous peoples in the Canadian economy is a priority, and climate change requires action both domestically and globally. Canada’s oil and natural gas sector is aligned with these shared values and is poised to play a significant role in achieving them, while at the same time promoting Canada-wide prosperity.

Climate and Innovation

Advancing technology and innovation can help Canada’s oil and natural gas reduce global emissions.

Market Access

With improved market access, Canada has an opportunity to obtain full value for our resources and help reduce net global GHG emissions.

Regulatory Policy

Canada can realize significant economic benefits if governments support oil and natural gas development with competitive regulatory policies while maintaining high environmental standards.

Indigenous Prosperity

Canada’s oil and natural gas sector presents a significant opportunity for inclusive and sustainable economic growth, prosperity, and self-determination for Indigenous communities that is aligned with the Government of Canada’s reconciliation objectives.

Fiscal and Tax Policy

Creating a national fiscal framework that is globally competitive is critical for Canada’s oil and natural gas sector – and the national economy.